Why Mobile? Why Squirrel Lab?

Monetize Your App

You Receive 100% of Ad Revenue

You Control the Ads

A New Revenue Stream

Your app will be built with exclusive ad spaces to deliver a new and significant revenue stream.

  • You will receive 100% of the ad revenue
  • An ad on every screen
  • You control where the ads appear
  • Ads can be updated and changed on the fly without updating the app

Grow Your Audience

Increase Your Traffic

Engage a Whole New Audience

Reach a Growing Global Market

Engage a Whole New Audience

Your content needs to be mobile.

"Users are now spending the majority of their time consuming digital media within mobile applications." - Sarah Perez TECHCRUNCH

  • Increase traffic to your content by 30%
  • Users are increasingly engaging with content from mobile devices
  • Tap into the App Community by claiming your presence in the major app stores
  • Reach a new ever-growing global mobile audience
  • Help users find your content

Easily Syncs Your Content

Syncs your site's content from the cloud

Supports all of the major content platforms

Updates your content automatically

Seamlessly Integrates with your website

Your app syncs with hands-off integration to your existing content.

  • Syncs directly and automatically with your existing website.
  • Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, Squarespace, Typepad, and many more
  • Automatically pulls new articles, videos, and custom content from your site.

Cross Platform

  • Users are now spending the majority of their time consuming digital media within mobile applications.

    — Sarah Perez TechCrunch
  • You can’t afford to ignore mobile-only users.

    — Karen McGrane Harvard Business Review


Leveraging Google Universal Analytics, your app will track all of the views to your content and your advertisements. Custom user interactions can be tracked too, so you can learn how your users interact with your content.

Your Ads

A fully featured advertisement CMS will be deployed along with your app, where you can control what ads appear across the app and where they appear. Whether you sell and manage the app's ads yourself, or you opt for our affiliate program, you reap the benefits of the ad space. It's your content, and it's your ad revenue.

Expert Graphic and UX Design

Our designers and developers are experienced and will work with you to capture your brand and deliver a fast and engaging experience for you audience.

Get Started Today

Get in touch, and once we receive your email, we'll schedule an analysis of your site. We'll get you a customized proposal and quote and show you how you can increase your traffic and generate new ad revenue.